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steve aboutPrimary school teacher and musician Steve Solbé founded learning through music in 2012. Steve wanted to produce a CD of cutting edge songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio or in a club. Steve locked himself in the studio and a year later Tables Tunes was released.

The CD proved to be a hit with children, parents and teachers alike. Everyone from gifted and talented pupils through to reluctant mathematicians was getting the Tables Tunes bug.

Tables Tunes embraces the three different learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Read the booklet, listen to the great music, sing the songs and we recommend having a dance!

This is more than just a CD – it is a fun, interactive experience. The lyrics not only teach children their tables but also other concepts including shapes, planets and the days of the week to name but a few.

You can play the CD in the car, at home or in your tree house…………..enjoy!

Education and Special Needs Contact:

KR Consulting and Distribution is our sole distributor for the educational and special needs market.

For more information please contact, Karen Richardson at KR Consulting and Distribution, by phone: 0778 6914821 or by email: karenr.education@yahoo.co.uk

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